Bayındır Hospital Söğütözü, which was regarded as a great and bold brerakthrough in 1992 and became a source of praise in the upcoming years as the prime example of Turkish private hospital business, has gained a universal position in the healthcare sector and now, Bayındır Health Group has left 25 business years behind.

Bayındır Health Group devoted itself to increase health standards for the people of our country and has achieved many breakthrough with a ground breaking system. This outstanding performance is boosted by efforts to achieve great and numerous successes within a short interval.

Since July 15th ,1992, Bayındır Health Group drew attention, as it has continued growing by making investments of Bayındır Hospital Söğutözü, Bayındır Hospital Kavaklıdere, Bayındır hospital İçerenköy, Bayındır Levent Medical Center and Bayındır Dental Clinics.. 

It is the first health group with two hospitals, Bayındır Hospital Söğütözü and Bayındır Hospital Kavaklıdere, accredited by Joint Commission International at the same time following a successful audit on July 10 to 14. This success is laid on the fact that the approach of patient-oriented, evidence-based and ever increasingly qualified service delivery is adopted by all employees of Bayındır since the day one. On October 2009, 2012 , 2015 and 2018 both of our hospitals were re-accredited (which proved the sustainability of the quality process)

Just at the dawn of 21st century, Bayındır Hospital with its effort to provide healthcare service that Turkish people deserve and are worthy of as an inevitable outcome of the changing socio-economic environment and lifestyle has become a reliable, principle-oriented, and prestigious enterprise, which had already completed institutionalization processes, with the help and support of cutting edge medical equipment, qualified and experienced full time medical specialists and modern hospital management system.

Our group is open to any and all modern suggestions and committed itself to promote medical research and educate qualified staff continuously. Bayındır Health Group is regarded as a pioneering facility among its peers and employed the most valuable professionals and accordingly, it has evidenced to Turkish population that it renders the best service in healthcare sector.

We created a unique position by combining the 25-year quality and ethical culture of Bayındır Health Group with values of Iş Bank Group – the parent company. We know that our subsequent responsibility is to conserve, improve and sustain this position and we need to keep striving to contribute to human health with our qualified staff that we are proud of and our technological infrastructure.

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